Technical Department

a.) Field and production advising
b.) Product Quality Standards
c.) Quality Management Systems
d.) Market Protocols
e.) Claims
f.) Special jobs

Brief Description of the above mentioned sectors

a.)   Field and production advising. Our suppliers of fruit, essential raw material in the development of this business, rely on advice on production practices by our coaching staff, in order to obtain a fruit that fulfills the requirements of international standards with regard to innocuousness and product safety.

b.)   Product Quality Standards. Different markets impose their demands in terms of produce quality and aesthetics. The technical department interprets and transmits these parameters to packing establishments through the company´s quality manual, specifying the aesthetic conditions of the fruit, its conditioning

and basic conservation requirements to arrive at destination with a fruit identical to the freshly harvested.

c.)   Quality Management Systems. The development of quality management systems is an ever changing area due to their evolution. So far, the company has certified, as a kickoff, about 15 primary production facilities and a packing plant under Good Agricultural Practices EurepGAP protocol, recently updated, whose new name is Global Gap. We have also certified the transfer cooling plant Ecofrut owns in San Antonio Este Port on Good Manufacturing Practices under ISO 14102. So, since 2008 season, over 80 farms are under implementation of Good Agricultural Practices with the Global Gap updated protocol and 3 own packing plants with implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 14102. Thus, for the next season Ecofrut SA will reach approximately 80% of its certified product throughout the production cycle (raw material from the field and conditioning at the packing houses premises).

d.)   Market Protocols. Each of the supplied markets has to meet fresh fruit phytosanitary requirements, which are properly analyzed and implemented under the company's technical advice to each fruit supplier in order to comply with these laws upon arrival of goods at the destination country.

e.)   Claims. The claims area is carefully attended to, each particular case is recorded and analyzed in order to take strict measures in cases where the produce does not satisfy the client. The answer to the complaint must be timely and satisfactory as a means of achieving continuous improvement, a cornerstone in the running of the company.

f.)    Special jobs. The special work area is constantly evolving as it caters to all the demands of customers on packaging and unconventional work on the fruit. This requires investment in research, training and technology. Thus we have recently incorporated a modern Italian machine with technology for packaging low caliber fruits in different modalities.


We currently have GLOBALGAP Certification - EUREPGAP – HACCP