Project and Export Strategy

The steady growth of the group production according to the productive and varietal reconversion by the partner companies has led to the need to develop and launch a marketing strategy for product placement in the next season and years to come, in the traditional markets (EU, USA, Russia) and new markets (Southeast Asia, North Africa, Mexico and South American countries).

A similar situation is faced nowadays not only by our local competitors but also,  the main exporting countries of the Southern Hemisphere, for which quality guidelines, and presentation will be the basis for market penetration.

Our group target focuses on the following aspects:

a)    Consideration of the company´s significant future growth in production and the need for produce placement in the external market.

b)    Consolidate the current operational and commercial integration of the four partner companies.

c)     Secure Ecofrut in the current foreign markets, defining the most appropriate marketing strategy for each market and making regular visits to our operators.

d)    Maintain adequate quality levels and international presentation of our produce.

e)    Identify non traditional retail markets, and attain reaching them with our fruit.

f)      Make necessary adjustments in the operating costs of production, packaging and export to improve our competitiveness.

g)    Include added value to all processes related and linked to this activity (eg. production of juice concentrate for exportation)