Ecofrut SA was created in 1994 with the original purpose of building a cooling plant in San Antonio Este Port, main departure port for regional fresh fruit . To do so, companies La Esperanza SRL, Los Alamos Rosauer SA, Cooperativa FADEC Ltd. and Santarelli SA decided to gather.



This objective was successfully achieved with the construction of a modern cooling plant with a capacity of 80,000 boxes of fruit, to ensure proper pre-cooling prior to shipping, providing services to partners and third parties, with a season average rotation of the order of 7,000 pallets.


As a second stage, the company faced the creation of a prosperous single export group, starting in 1995 working together to purchase supplies, to unify quality guidelines, to book sea freight and organize overseas marketing.


The target markets are Russia, USA and Europe. The European market includes Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Netherlands and Sweden.


We also take part in major fruit international fairs, such as the PMA (USA), Fruit Logistica Berlin (Germany), World Food Moscow (Russia) and WOP Dubai (Arab Emirates).


Exportation figures:



  • RED DELICIOUS: 280.000 bulks
  • GALA: 240.000 bulks
  • GRANNY: 100.000 bulks
  • CRIPPS PINK and PINK LADY: 120.000 bulks



  • WILLIAMS: 600.000 bulks
  • PACKHAM: 600.000 bulks
  • D´ANJOU: 150.000 bulks
  • ABATE FETEL: 130.000 bulks
  • RED BARTLETT: 150.000 bulks
  • BOSC: 60.000 bulks


Founded in 1947, with a long career as a producer / exporter through its brands AMAPOLA and COTORRITA. 


This is a company that since 1994 has been devoted itself to packing and marketing its produce, through its brands LAR and PAMPA, which are secured in the market.


This is a growing company with productive reconversion of its partners, through their brands BEST and ONLY, seeks to impose itself on the world's markets, with the premise of improving the quality and quantity of its production while adding new varieties.


With extensive expertise and experience in the field of growing/exporting fruit, have made SANTARELLI and SKI worldwide famous. 

President:  Accountant Denis Kloster

Vice-President: Accountant Rodolfo Santarelli